BelFone Convergent Communications Solution Covers the Last Mile in Disaster Relief
Author : Radio China    Time : 2023-02-13    Source :

Natural disasters such as earthquakes usually cause shutdown of the communications infrastructure. Many types of communications equipment are affected due to power failures and destruction of communication lines,which leads the affected area an isolated island. Emergency communication plays a crucial role in disaster relief.


Convergent Communication Solution is Key

First responders play different roles when they dive deep into rescue line, to better control and command the onsite situation, commanders need to have field awareness through real-time images and videos in order to make informed decisions, while first responders need smooth and clear voice calls. To unify all parties in a line for a smooth saving process, connectivity between different technology and different frequency band is key.

BelFone Convergent Communications Solution

As a leading solution provider of mission critical communications with over 30 years of R&D experience in DMR, MESH and PoC, BelFone tackles all the challenges of on-site critical communications with a communication network that covers the last mile in the affected area. BelFone MESH Convergent Communications Solution is designed to eliminate communication blind spots in the aftermath of disasters and keep everyone connected. The solution integrates various radio communication technologies and provides rich command & dispatch features to connect every rescuer’s node and region in the affected areas, realizing unified command and control of field communication, and meeting the requirements of lightweight, integrated and visualized dispatching.

Solution Highlights

FlexibleHuge natural disasters such as earthquakes usually come with a shutdown of the communications infrastructure. When all other means of communication fail, BelFone’s portable dual-frequency Ad-Hoc devices can be deployed via vehicles or rescue workers, quickly establishing a communication link between the site and the command center.

Reliable: Emergency disaster relief often require the cooperation of different departments. Each department, however, has their own communication equipment which makes it difficult for first responders to effectively communicate and cooperate. BelFone Convergent Communications Solution integrates satellite communication, 4G LTE, UHF, microwave, Mesh and other communication protocols to ensure the interconnection between systems to enable cross-department cooperation as well as multi-level command. The solution greatly improves the efficiency of on-site cooperation.

Real-time: The system is compatible with both digital and analog devices, and able to connect different networks. It delivers a comprehensive feature kit which includes voice, data, positioning and tracking to achieve unified command and dispatch. Moreover, BelFone convergent smart portable radios can transmit onsite information to control room via images, videos, etc.

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