How PoC Communication & Dispatching Platforms Enable Efficiency and Safety
Author : Inrico    Time : 2021-02-04    Source :

In response to the needs of customers within a variety of vertical markets, the two-way radio industry has been absorbing new technologies to accommodate the need for more efficient voice and data communications. With faster, safer and better connectivity, convergent push-to-talk (PTT) solutions are now rapidly being adopted in new sectors and for new user scenarios.

For manufacturers active in the field of professional wireless communications it is important to accumulate technological knowhow and to gain real-world experience in the process of supporting customers that take advantages of both narrowband and broadband LTE technologies. Moreover, a well designed platform that supports Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) communication and dispatching is the start of many organizations to choose PoC radio communications solutions.

The PoC Communication & Dispatching Platform

Integrated communications and dispatching systems offer real-time multimedia, individual calls as well as group calls that enable versatile data features such as positioning, multimedia SMS, SOS alert, patrol, reporting, ticketing, etc.,. Through these centralized management and dispatching services, end-user organizations are more effective in supporting their teams wherever they are.

These Platforms should be highly adaptable to a large number of vertical markets and end user organizations that are following different workflows, rules & regulations, such as; law enforcement, (public) transportation, utility, manufacturing, etc. The users will then be able to leverage their customized communication and dispatching system to ensure efficient team collaboration for daily routines and emergencies.

Converging Multiple Systems

In today’s world, IT is transforming and upgrading a lot of traditional industries; in the process, it is a common challenge across industries to integrate a huge amount of data terminals and unify them in a convergent system. Therefore it is important to design a PoC platform to break data silos and bring different terminals and systems together in a way that makes sense for the users. No matter if it concerns traditional PTT, PoC, PSTN, CCTV or drones, the Platform should be able to realize seamless data connectivity across them; and fulfill management and dispatching in one unified interface.

Versatile Services and Higher Security

To satisfy various user requirements, while meeting the core needs for audio and video communication, PoC Platforms should offer an abundance of data services such as positioning, multimedia SMS, SOS alert, patrol, reporting and ticketing. For users from public safety departments, communications security is one of the top priorities. That is why it is necessarily to take security measures for system access, data transmission & storage and hardware in order to ensure non-compromised communications. At the same time, the PoC Platform should be reliable in terms of infrastructure, data transmission and server software. The complexity of users’ challenges should fully be considered when designing the system.

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