Webex and Zello Keep Frontline Teams Connected With World-class Push-to-Talk Technology
Author : Kevin Adamson    Time : 2023-04-19    Source : www.radiochina.info

Webex partners with Zello to deliver push-to-talk solution for businesses wanting to instantly connect their frontline workers and enhance productivity with live sharing of voice, images, texts, and location. With Zello, enterprise companies can create a unified collaboration platform where communications are centralized for the mobile workforce and teams in real-time to quickly solve problems.

What is the Webex and Zello solution?

Continuing to meet the demands of our frontline workers is critical. At a time when 80% of the workforce is mobile, direct communication with every employee is critical to keep businesses competitive and efficient. While companies have previously spent on desk worker efficiency with tools like Webex, they are now shifting the focus to frontline workers.

Collaboration on Zello + Webex streamlines communication with live sharing of voice, images, texts and location. Zello’s push-to-talk walkie-talkie app lives on any mobile device delivering unlimited and secure private channels and crystal-clear broadcasts over cell networks and Wi-Fi. Using Zello channels, users can talk one-to-one or one-to-many.

The Webex partnership with Zello provides streamlined communication and is now available to all customers across industries such as transportation, retail, construction, healthcare, aviation, and hospitality. It supports 8 billion voice messages a month with over 1 million new app downloads a month.

Customer success story with Zello and Webex

As the largest retailer in Denmark, Salling Group serves 11 million customers/week and depends on stellar customer service. Building upon Zello’s push-to-talk technology, a retail kiosk was designed to deploy more instantaneous responses for customers seeking help. Salling Group achieved a 200% increase in NPS scores for how easy it is to contact a store employee. “The Zello push-to-talk app has been an indispensable tool for us,” said Tobias Rolver of Salling Group. “It allows our employees to communicate seamlessly to ensure our customers have a good experience the moment they walk into our stores.”

Challenge: Customer Needs Go Unanswered

In both the Bilka and føtex storefronts, shoppers were using in-store phones or doorbell features throughout the store when they needed assistance. However, both options were only able to connect to one employee at any given time. Oftentimes, employees were helping other customers or handling other important store business, resulting in longer wait times for customers or unanswered calls altogether.

Solution: How Zello Helped

Building upon Zello’s push-to-talk technology, a retail kiosk was designed to deploy more instantaneous responses for customers seeking help. Using a simple touch-screen interface placed strategically throughout the stores, customers push a button, activating the Zello Kiosk channel which allows any employee to easily provide prompt, targeted service.

The touchscreen interface removed customer purchase barriers with expanded support and quick response times. Additionally, it reduced employee footsteps in a large retail space, adding to the efficiency and positive team morale.

Alex Gavrilov, Zello CEO says, “We are delighted to partner with Cisco in our mission to bring a modern, cloud-based push-to-talk solution to 2 billion frontline workers worldwide, replacing legacy two-way radios. By joining Cisco’s SolutionsPlus partner program and integrating with Webex Single Sign-On, we expect to accelerate enterprise adoption in retail, manufacturing, and transportation markets, and extend the technology’s impact to the previously technology-underserved deskless workforce.”

Final Thoughts

As Cisco continues to develop the ecosystem and partnerships journey, Travis Angle says “We are excited to partner with Zello to bring a leading cloud-based Push to Talk solutions to the market via SolutionsPlus. The collaboration further expands Cisco’s world-class communication products to address new markets and expands our hybrid work capability. ”

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