BelFone Showcases Latest Two-way Radio Innovations at CairoICT 2023
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From November 19th to 22nd, CairoICT 2023, The International Technology Fair & Forum for the Middle East, welcomed industry leaders worldwide. BelFone Communications, a premier technology and solution provider for mission and business-critical communications, proudly showcased its extensive portfolio of infrastructure, devices, and software for Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) at this prestigious event.


As one of the most influential exhibitions in the Middle East and Africa, CairoICT provides a global platform for enterprises to present their technological innovations. BelFone's booth, strategically segmented into showcase, presentation, and experience areas, captivated international visitors with a display of the latest offerings, including VHF/UHF digital radios, portable digital base stations, digital trunking communication systems, fast-deployable ad-hoc infrastructure, and emergency communication & command systems.


A standout among the showcased innovations was the BP860, a remarkable addition to BelFone's Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) product line. This portable radio boasts features such as a single-frequency repeater and ad hoc networking, specifically designed to address the communication needs of task forces operating in challenging environments. The BP860 enhances communication in scenarios where local infrastructures are unavailable, making it a pivotal tool for public protection and disaster relief (PPDR) maneuvers.


The single-frequency repeater function of the BP860 establishes a forwarding channel, effectively expanding local coverage. This proves invaluable in scenarios like tunnels or disaster-stricken sites, enabling extended connectivity with minimal operational hassle for professionals. The ad hoc networking capability supports multi-hop relays, allowing task forces to set up a two-way radio network swiftly in harsh geographical environments or areas inaccessible by vehicles.


Sharing the spotlight was the BF-TR925, a vehicular and manpack repeater that provides on-site communication while also connecting remotely via IP or satellite. Operating as both a repeater and a dispatcher within BelFone communication systems, the TR925 offers fast deployment, flexible networking, IP68 water and dust-proofing, and military-standard ruggedness. Paired with the BF-TR900 fixed repeater, the TR925 swiftly provides local DMR or analog radio connections at special events or incidents.


"Products like the BP860 and TR925 are designed for moments of challenges; they ensure high performance and reliability in two-way radio service even in the harshest outdoor conditions. This perfectly complements our commitment to delivering cutting-edge communication solutions of infrastructure, devices, and software, as demonstrated at CairoICT," said Jerome Xue, VP at BelFone Overseas.


BelFone’s portfolio, featuring innovative products such as the BP860 and TR925, underscores the company’s dedication to innovation and quality in the professional communication technology sector. These products empower professionals across industries, ensuring seamless connectivity and reliable communication in diverse and challenging scenarios.


The CairoICT 2023 exhibition provided a platform for professionals from the region and beyond to witness BelFone's latest achievements in wireless communication research and development, as well as its comprehensive solutions, further solidifying the brand's global recognition.

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