Boldyn to Provide Private 5G Networks to ASM Global’s Venues
Author : Radio China    Time : 2024-04-03    Source :

ASM Global and Boldyn Networks have announced an extension of their existing partnership, with a focus on enhancing connectivity across ASM's properties through the implementation of 5G, next-generation Wi-Fi, and private networks.

Currently overseeing a portfolio of over 350 venues globally, ASM Global encompasses a diverse range of facilities, including cutting-edge stadiums, a historic coliseum dating back a century, convention centers, and entertainment districts.

Boldyn's neutral host distributed antenna system (DAS), Wi-Fi, and private network solutions will play a pivotal role in establishing ubiquitous 5G connectivity throughout ASM's venues. This initiative aims to ensure a dependable experience for sports enthusiasts, entertainment aficionados, conference attendees, vendors, and operational staff alike.

Jason Oberlander, Chief Commercial Officer of ASM Global, expressed confidence in the partnership, stating, "Together with Boldyn, we've set a new standard for venue connectivity. Whether it's real-time social content sharing, in-seat ordering, or engaging with AR/VR activations, connectivity is revolutionizing the guest experience. Our expanded partnership, leveraging Boldyn's full suite of next-gen solutions, ensures seamless, robust connectivity for conference attendees and vendors."

Boldyn's public and private network solutions will facilitate connectivity across various facets of venue operations, including mobile point-of-sale devices, ticketing systems, digital screens, energy management, interactive installations, and back-of-house operations. The company underscores the importance of private 5G networks and Wi-Fi for bolstering security measures and managing devices such as locks, cameras, and alert systems.

Christos Karmis, CEO of Boldyn's US operations, expressed enthusiasm about leveraging their expertise in high-speed communications infrastructure to redefine guest experiences and streamline venue operations through cutting-edge wireless technology.

ASM Global and Boldyn have previously collaborated on renowned venues worldwide, including Puerto Rico's Coliséo de Puerto Rico, the UK's First Direct Arena, Italy's Cantu Arena, as well as venues in the US such as Cowtown Coliseum, Desert Diamond Arena, and Puerto Rico Convention Center. This partnership extends to ASM Global-operated stadiums, arenas, theaters, convention centers, and other venues globally.

In addition to the collaboration with Boldyn, ASM Global had previously entered a strategic alliance with Honeywell, a smart buildings specialist, to enhance venue operations worldwide. The alliance aimed to establish new standards in indoor air quality, safety, and regulatory compliance through the VenueShield LIVE proprietary program for venue reopenings and operations. The agreement between ASM Global and Honeywell is set to run through 2027.

Furthermore, Honeywell is expected to collaborate with ASM Global to deploy solutions enhancing overall building operations, as well as mobile computing and data capture technologies to streamline ticketing, concessions, and retail experiences.

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