Caltta Celebrates 10-year Progress and Growth
Author : Radio China    Time : 2022-12-28    Source :

Shenzhen, China - December 28th, 2022 - Caltta Technologies, the leading provider of mission and business-critical communications solutions, today announced that the company has achieved 10 years of growth with employees, partners, and customers since its establishment on Dec. 28th, 2012. Caltta was established as a subsidiary of ZTE Corporation to focus on critical communications technologies and solutions and it became an independent company at the beginning of 2021.


Back in the years of being part of ZTE Corporation, Caltta accumulated rich professional knowledge and insights into the industry. In 2012, Caltta officially entered the sector of critical communications. In 2014, Caltta launched the industry-leading "2+4" broadband and narrowband convergence solution, which uses DMR and LTE convergence networking while supporting critical voice and broadband data services. In 2017, Caltta began to promote an "All Convergence" strategy, advocating "converged services, converged networks, converged terminals, and converged industries". In 2020, Caltta entered the 5G era by providing end-to-end 5G industry solutions. As an advocate of open standards, Caltta has been actively engaged in international standard establishment and evolvement; it is a core member of professional industry associations like the DMR Association.


Yongjian Mou, CTO at Caltta, was recently interviewed by an industry publication Private Wireless Communications and he further emphasized the convergence strategy. “In the past ten years, Caltta has been deeply rooted in practical applications and combined the fruitful results in the broad-and-narrow band convergence, public-and-private network synergy, and the 5G industry private network, with continuous rich production lines and continuous introduction of new solutions so as to meet the needs of users in different industries for digital transformation. 2022 is the tenth year of Caltta’s journey of critical communications; we are proud to say that 2022 is really a year of harvest,” said Mou.


In 2022, Caltta products and solutions have been widely used in various industries and large-scale world-class events and projects, such as the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the Ice Hockey World Championship, and the recently delivered LTE communications system for Shenzhen Metro Line 6.


In November Caltta launched the 5G explosion-proof terminal - NH970Ex in China, marking another breakthrough of Caltta in the 5G era. Looking into the future, Caltta published the White Paper of Full Convergence and shared its insights into technology and actual industrial utilization.

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