Caltta Showcased Secure and Efficient Solution at PMRExpo 2023
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Shenzhen, China, Dec 5th, 2023 - Caltta Technologies, a global leader in integrated professional PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) communications solutions, showcased its latest innovations at PMRExpo 2023 held in Cologne from November 28 to 30, 2023. The company presented its advanced DMR (Digital Mobile Radio), PTToC (Push-to-talk over Cellular), and high-security emergency communication solutions, alongside the groundbreaking new products DM660 and PR680 at Booth B20.


"We are very honored to come to the PMRExpo again. We have made full preparations for this exhibition to bring our insights into the critical communication to more industry users," said Leo Li, Sales Director of Caltta Overseas, "and all those are condensed into our new solutions and products, we are also pleased that our new product has received the attention and recognition of many industry partners. The intense exchanges among everyone also brought a lot of thinking collisions. This is a sign that the industry is moving forward and I am glad Caltta has been a part of it.”


At the Booth, Caltta showcased its comprehensive range of communication solutions, including the popular PTToC system, featuring terminals, servers, and management and dispatching software, drew significant attention for its ease of deployment, efficient management, and versatile use. Caltta continues to meet customer demands by regularly upgrading the PTToC system with new functions and capabilities.


A highlight of the exhibition was the introduction of the groundbreaking DM660, a professional mobile radio designed with a compact form factor, resilience to environmental challenges, and compatibility with various vehicle mount cases. Leo Li emphasized that DM660 represents innovation that opens new opportunities for users to enhance productivity and enables partners to grow their businesses, thereby revitalizing the industry.


The DMR product series, known for its exemplary performance, was also prominently featured. In compliance with the ETSI DMR open standard, the Simulcast Solution within the DMR product line offers superior performance, voice quality, and intuitive group communications over large areas with geographically scattered base stations and limited frequency resources. The system ensures efficient and safe task fulfillment by allowing workers to communicate in groups within the simulcast-empowered coverage.


Caltta's active engagement in PMRExpo 2023 reflects its commitment to meeting customer requirements, constantly developing products, and updating solutions. The event provided an excellent platform for the company to showcase its high degree of innovation and solid support capabilities, aligning with its mission of "Make Communications Safer and Richer."


PMRExpo, recognized as an international top event, attracts users from authorities and organizations with security tasks, critical infrastructure, logistics, specialized trade, and other sectors. It serves as a hub for discovering new trends, exchanging know-how, and establishing valuable contacts in the field of professional mobile radio communications.

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