Delaware County Oklahoma Choose Multivendor Open Standard Solution from Stolz Telecom
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Stolz Telecom is a Tait dealer operating in Oklahoma and Texas, USA and a trusted provider of innovative ICT solutions to the public safety community and business sector. Stolz Telecom was awarded a $3.9 million contract with Delaware County Oklahoma to deliver a comprehensive public safety communication system. Delaware County shares borders with Missouri and Arkansas, covering 792 square miles (2,050 km2) with a population of forty thousand people.

Tait has long been a staunch advocate for open standards to deliver the best value for customers throughout the lifespan of their communications investment. In its pursuit of this principle, Tait has cultivated a thriving ecosystem of Technology Partners committed to supporting open standard P25 and DMR solutions. This partnership network ensures an array of choices and options for customers seeking flexible solutions.

In contrast to solutions that tether customers to a single vendor, Tait is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that empower customers with choice and flexibility. Tait dealers, recognizing the importance of this approach, represent multiple manufacturers. Tait commends Stolz Telecom for securing a contract to deliver a multi-vendor solution tailored to the specific needs of Delaware County.

Stolz Telecom’s undertaking involves the delivery of a DMR Tier 3 solution, integrating equipment from a variety of reputable vendors, including Tait, Zetron, Cielo Networks, Kenwood, and DAMM Cellular. The selection of equipment from each vendor is meticulously based on its ability to meet the diverse requirements of public safety operations in Delaware County, encompassing aspects such as ergonomics, reliability, performance, and budget considerations.

The choice of “Tait Tough” subscriber radios, consisting of 500 TP9300 portables and 500 TM9300 mobiles utilizing the UHF 450-520MHz band, reflects their rich feature set and robust durability, essential for meeting the stringent demands of public safety operations. Additionally, a small number of P25 Kenwood subscribers will be deployed to ensure interoperability with neighboring counties operating on different frequency bands. DAMM infrastructure has been chosen to establish a 6-site DMR Tier 3 trunked digital network, fortified with high-capacity microwave links courtesy of Cielo Networks.

Stolz Telecom has chosen Zetron’s MAX Dispatch for their Delaware County project, a dispatch console solution that offers seamless implementation and robust support through the Zetron dealer network. MAX Dispatch comes equipped with integrated interfaces and shared components found in other MAX solutions like MAX Call Taking, MAX CAD/GIS, and MAX Fire Station Alerting, thereby creating a comprehensive command and control suite. 

This flexibility allows for a gradual migration to the complete solution set as per customer’s timeline and budget constraints. Furthermore, MAX Dispatch offers standard interfaces for easy integration with partner vendor products, ensuring a smooth transition into your existing environment. With MAX Dispatch, Stolz Telecom is investing in more than just a dispatch solution; they are acquiring a versatile and adaptable dispatch system that caters to evolving needs and requirements.

In recognition of the critical role played by dispatch centers, Stolz Telecom is also providing Eaton dispatch furniture. This furniture is carefully designed to optimize the operational efficiency and comfort of Delaware County’s emergency dispatch center. Its deployment ensures that emergency dispatchers have a reliable and comfortable workspace to effectively manage and coordinate emergency response activities.

Stolz Telecom has made a strategic choice in the Delaware County project by selecting Concept Seating as their preferred seating solution. Concept Seating stands out as the leader in 24/7 seating, offering unparalleled comfort and exceptional durability, precisely what a project of this magnitude demands. With their commitment to providing all-day comfort and ensuring years of reliable performance, Concept Seating perfectly aligns with Stolz Telecom’s vision for delivering high quality services in their 24/7 operations. This partnership showcases Stolz Telecom’s dedication to quality and efficiency, making Concept Seating an integral part of their mission to excel in the Delaware County project.

Stolz Telecom’s expertise, along with its proven ability to deliver complex projects on time and within budget, positions the company as the ideal partner for Delaware County Oklahoma’s public safety communication needs.

“We are honored to have been entrusted with this significant contract by Delaware County Oklahoma to revolutionize their public safety communications,” said Robert Stolz, President of Stolz Telecom. “By collaborating with industry-leading partners like Tait Communications, Zetron, DAMM Cellular, Cielo Networks, Eaton, and Kenwood, we will deliver a cutting-edge communication system that empowers first responders to protect and serve the community more effectively. This project exemplifies our commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance public safety and emergency response, ultimately empowering first responders to protect and serve the community more effectively.”

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