Group Communication Made Easier with BelFone High Power Digital Mobile Radio
Author : Radio China    Time : 2020-09-15

Businesses all over the world rely on efficient group communication to facilitate management, streamline operations and provide better service for their customers. Instant push-to-talk (PTT) communication is among the most effective ways to communicate and is at the core of many business operations. BelFone Communications is taking PTT voice communications further with the launch of BF-TM8500, a 50W high power digital mobile radio with adjustable power, automatic roaming, built-in GPS, remote kill/revive and other features to optimize group communication and improve productivity.


BF-TM8500 allows users to seamlessly roam across sites in a multi-site IP network with automatic roaming. This feature-rich mobile radio is designed to meet the operational needs of various industries, from large shipping and logistics organizations requiring instant and secure voice communications to sophisticated public transportation as well as security operations demanding rich communication with voice, SMS and location data. The integrated emergency alert, remote kill/revive, and priority-based interrupt help the commander to dispatch with higher efficiency.


Today, with the workforces getting increasingly mobile, managers are looking for communication solutions to help them keep their workers connected and empowered. BF-TM8500 combines the simplicity of PTT communications with the variety of dispatch features to provide users with the optimum instant group communications and collaboration.

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