Inrico Empowers the Leading New Energy Vehicle Giant with iConvNet
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Inrico, a global leading provider of professional wireless communications, has recently signed a contract with the Chinese new energy vehicle giant, delivering another industry coverage of Inrico's communication solutions, after cooperating with clients from different verticals such as the military, law enforcement, logistics, commercial, EMS, prison and other industries from worldwide.


The global automotive industry is currently undergoing a dynamic transformation,new energy vehicles have become the direction of global automotive development. Emerging technologies such as auto intelligent systems, intelligent driving cockpits and autonomous driving systems provide a smarter driving experience. Intelligence is not only the direction of the development of new energy vehicles, but also a permanent proposition for the communication industry. At the stage of Industry 4.0, a set of intelligent and efficient communications solution is an indispensable part of building a smart industry.


The new energy giant has many level-1 departments and subordinate departments, such as R&D and operation centers, production workshops, test sites, and storage centers. The large area covered by the plant and the scattered operation areas make patrolling and management difficult for security inside and outside the park. The response efficiency is extremely low when dealing with emergencies. The original communications system cannot meet the critical demand such as on-site audio and video transmission and long-distance communication, which makes the communication and collaboration of cross-departments poor and makes it difficult to improve the dispatching efficiency.


After an in-depth study of the customer's needs, INRICO has created an end-to-end ecosystem that integrates voice, video, data and intelligent analytics on a single platform that can provide enterprises with the security operations needed for production and help them achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency. INRICO has equipped a number of push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) terminals and its iConvNet™ intelligent communication platform to meet the customer's daily communication and dispatching needs and enhance its ability to handle unexpected situations.


External Security

For the communication required by the external gates’ guards of the production park, INRICO provided the T700, an outstanding and affordable PoC radio polished by INRICO based on profound experience. With a compact and portable body, long life, easy-to-use operation, and anti-mistouch keyboard, it can provide an efficient and convenient communication experience for external security personnel and affiliate the order of every critical entrance. 


Internal Security

For internal security needs, INRICO provided S100 smart PoC radio. It’s a flagship radio which can transmit rich media and empower the manager to get better control of the on-site situation. The loud-volume design ensures trouble-free use even in noisy working environments. Built-in NFC, high-precision GPS, and Bluetooth module, combined with iConvNetTM platform, can realize various functions such as patrol management and others.


Departments And Workshops

Departmental employees and shop floor workers are in different workgroups. With iConvNet™'s multi-group monitor function; managers can easily dispatch different workgroups. The platform has both group call and all call functions, which can not only realize instantaneous communication between departments, but also convey information according to different groups. The user priority function allows dispatchers or leaders to interrupt other calls and give instructions in case of emergency, which greatly improves the efficiency of critical response.


iConvNetTM Intelligent Platform

Geo-fence: INRICO has implemented geo-fence for the key areas in the park. In case of any intrusion, the iConvNetTM would release an alarm to remind the security personnel to ensure the privacy and security of the core territory to the greatest extent.


“The solution INRICO supplied satisfied the communication needs of security inside and outside the campus. The efficiency of our management has boosted a lot due to the iConvNetTM platform, and it fundamentally solves the problem of difficult linkage and the low dispatch efficiency.” ---Head of IT & Comms.


With 18 years of experience in the industry, INRICO is an advanced provider of intelligent communication terminals and solutions, dedicated to providing safe and convenient communication solutions for global public safety, emergency management, fire and rescue, energy and chemical, transportation and logistics, and other government and industry customers, providing a solid guarantee for the safety and stability of cities and the orderly operation of industries.

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