Inspiring the Next Generation of Local Engineering Students
Author : Radio China    Time : 2023-01-13    Source :

Andrea Morreale, Mechanical Verification Team Leader and STEM Ambassador, recently visited students at Cambridge Regional College to share his expertise on engineering opportunities and careers.

Hoping to enthuse the next generation of engineers, Andrea spoke to over 40 students studying a mix of computer science and mechanical design, introducing his work at Sepura and discussing the career options available to those who choose engineering.

The students asked many questions, keen to learn more about Andrea’s role, the different types of engineering within a manufacturing organisation, and how to develop communication and leadership skills as an engineer.

In his presentation, Andrea highlighted the vital role that engineering teams play in a company like Sepura, where they not only build unique products and solutions but also influence engagement with customers and work closely with team leaders to manage the delivery of projects.

Andrea’s presentation was brilliant – really engaging, with an excellent demonstration of the product development lifecycle, taking a design from concept to production. The students really benefitted from the opportunity to see some of the theoretical concepts they have learnt in class put into practice in the real world. The students and I are very grateful to Sepura for giving us Andrea’s time – the students will most definitely benefit from the time he spent with us.”

One of the elements that surprised students was just how much testing went into a product. Sepura’s critical communications devices are required to operate in challenging environments, whether very hot, cold, dusty, dirty or wet.

The mechanical testing performed by Andrea’s team is crucial to ensure that our products work in these extreme conditions, giving customers confidence that their equipment will work when needed.

The session ended with a practical demonstration of Sepura radios, explaining how user requirements heavily influenced the designs to provide fit-for-purpose solutions for police, fire, ambulance and other emergency teams around the world.

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