New P25 Multiprotocol Portable from Tait Communications Promotes Safer Communities with DMR Interoperability
Author : Radio China    Time : 2024-04-01    Source :

A new portable radio from Tait Communications is enhancing communications within communities, facilitating rapid and efficient coordination among public safety and other community organizations to promote safer environments.

The TP9900 rugged portable radio by Tait is specifically designed to bridge communication gaps between local law enforcement and other first-responder agencies using the P25 radio standard, and organizations like schools, universities, airports, highway control, utilities, and public transport providers using the DMR radio standard. This interoperability is crucial in regions like North America and Asia Pacific where a mix of land mobile radio technologies is prevalent.

The TP9900 is equipped to operate in three radio "languages" (P25, DMR digital, and analog) and can access a wide spectrum of radio frequencies, making it a multiprotocol, multiband solution. This capability allows police forces, for example, to use the TP9900 radios to communicate with school security teams, teachers, administrative staff, and neighboring first-responder agencies such as ambulance and fire services.

According to Tait Communications Product Manager Bob Shepheard, the TP9900 is designed for simplicity, allowing users to switch between P25, DMR, or VHF/UHF bands effortlessly. Users can focus on selecting the right channels for different groups or situations without worrying about frequency or protocol compatibility.

The TP9900 also features Over-The-Air-Programming (OTAP) and Over-The-Air-Rekeying (OTAR) for encryption management and is configurable to operate on VHF, UHF, 700/800MHz, and 900MHz spectrum bands.

The TP9900 is currently being showcased at IWCE 2024 in Orlando, Florida, and is expected to be available for purchase from mid-2024.

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