PMR Industry in China is Booming
Author : Radio China    Time : 2019-12-10

It's a production by MCCResources ( in partnership with Radio China Magazine ( 

Since some 7 years we see an increased number of companies from China exhibiting during events like TCCA's Critical Communications World, KNect365 Critical Technologies and PMRExpo. Many of these companies are offering solutions based on PDT, DMR or PoC technologies and some of them are manufacturing TETRA radios. 

When reviewing the Chinese home market for PMR, we count about 400 to 500 companies involved in the above mentioned technologies. This ranges from infrastructure- and radio manufacturers to companies manufacturing drones, analysers, radio accessories as well as radio chipsets. 

Gert Jan Wolf visited the China Radio conference and exhibition in Beijing in November this year and was surprised to hear about the Chinese Government explaining their roadmap to the manufacturers and not the other way around, where the industry is showcasing their roadmap to their customers. Gert also learned that 5G is NOT the future for China. According to China mobile, 5G is NOW! In Beijing alone China Mobile plans to launch some 80,000 5G sites in the coming years supporting fast internet and IoT solutions to enable safe and smart city projects. 

In this Vlog you'll learn more about: the need for Beijing China to become the world's largest connected city, the focus of Kirisun on non Chinese markets and the never ending eagerness of Chinese manufacturers to become more and more important in delivering radio devices, accessories and chipsets to well known radio manufacturers from abroad.

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