POCSTARS Offers PoC Server Built to Last
Author : Radio China    Time : 2020-09-24

POCSTARS, a world leading Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) communications solution provider, offers cost-effective private PoC cloud solution with its MiniServer built for reliability and safety. The MiniServer has passed aging tests certified by professional laboratories to reach the international standard of IEC60068 and MTBF GJB-899A. Each component has industrial grade quality and a three-year warranty to meet the market's high requirement for hardware durability. 


POCSTARS uses various environmental test equipment in professional laboratories to simulate the conditions of sunlight, high and low temperature, high humidity and temperature changes in the climate environment to accelerate the possible failure of the MiniServer and to verify whether it reaches quality targets in design and manufacturing.


The lab evaluates MiniServer as a whole to determine its reliability. During the tests, 20 sets of MiniServer were repeatedly powered off under severe environments such as high temperature, high humidity and overloading. After going through rigorous tests of control, they still maintain normal startup and operation to ensure reliable 24/7 hot backup and cloud backup. 


Aging test and reliability test are far more than a data report. They show POCSTARS’ commitment to product reliability and maintainability. POCSTARS is dedicated to connecting technological frontiers and bringing the best PoC solutions to users, and MiniServer is one of its latest innovations. For those who want to have their own private PoC cloud system, MiniServer is a highly competitive product.  There are three versions available, including standard, enterprise and advanced version. The maximum capacity is between 200 and 1,000 users, which is enough to cover most of enterprises and institutions of different sizes.

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