Rave Mobile Safety Replaces Everbridge Nixle Urgent Messaging System in Anchorage
Author : Radio China    Time : 2023-01-05    Source : www.radiochina.info

Public safety officials in Anchorage last week, announced that Rave Mobile Safety has replaced the previous Everbridge Nixle system.  

Like Nixle, Rave Mobile Safety is a free service that allows people to receive notifications sent from state and local authorities to stay informed on potentially hazardous situations involving weather, traffic, and other emergencies. 

The switch to Rave Mobile Safety allows residents to receive alerts via phone, text and email, and answer poll questions that will give MOA officials critical information during emergency situations. Those who are signed up for alerts will receive reliable information about emergencies, including tailored updates based on their specific needs and geographic location.

Individuals who were previously signed up for Everbridge Nixle are not automatically enrolled in Rave Mobile Safety and will need to sign up to Rave. 

Residents and travelers to Anchorage who were not previously signed up for Rave should sign up for free at this link to receive timely and actionable emergency alerts. They can also identify when and how they are alerted and communicated with before, during, and after emergencies.  Individuals can also text “Anchorage” to 67283 to opt in for text alerts.

“Having an emergency warning and public communication system is crucial for a city like Anchorage that deals with natural disasters on a regular occurrence,” said Mayor Dave Bronson. “This new system will enhance our city’s capacity to provide timely updates and notices to the public during times of crisis.”

“mes,” said Amanda Loach, Director of the Office of Emergency Management. “This service allows for critical communication with the public and provides individuals with the information needed to stay safe or take precautions during hazardous or emergency situations.” 

“No one handles emergencies better than Alaskans. A modern alert and warning system allows us to take that readiness to the next level by providing the tools we need to protect lives during a public health emergency,” said Acting Anchorage Health Department Director Kimberly Rash.

Rave Mobile Safety is trusted by thousands of institutions including state and local authorities, business, and educational institutions. Rave sends millions of messages daily and during critical situations such as severe weather, the mayor’s office said.

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