SEE Telecom Announces New TETRA Repeaters For BDBOS and Reinita Network
Author : Radio China    Time : 2020-11-18

In order to enhance the radio coverage inside confined areas in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the national public safety BDBOS network in Germany and the national public safety Renita network in Luxemburg, SEE Telecom developed 19-inch FF-DIRRAC Tetra repeaters. 

The 19" FF-DIRRAC is composed of one Optical Master Unit (OMU) that receives, filters, and converts the optical signals and Optical Remote Units (ORU) that reamplify and send the RF signals to the radiating network. The repeaters can be easily integrated into a 19-inch cabinet and are fully compatible with FGB (Feuerwehrfunkbedienfeld) and PGB (Polizeifunkbedienfeld).

The 19-inch FF-DIRRAC Tetra repeater can be ordered with different frequency bands and is able to repeat simultaneously 2 different frequency bands, for example, BDBOS and one DMR operational service.

Picture: Courtesy of Uwe Gompf under creative commons

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