Samsung Provided MCPTX Solutions to NTT Business Solutions to Support a Private 5G Network Environment at QUINTBRIDGE
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NTT Business Solutions and Samsung Electronics will open NTT West's innovation facility "QUINTBRIDGE" from December 21, 2022 (Wednesday). By utilizing the local 5G open demonstration environment built on the bridge), two companies will conduct a joint demonstration of high-speed, efficient, and convenient multimedia wireless communication within a private network that takes advantage of the features of local 5G.

Background and purpose
Local 5G is a private network that features stable large-capacity communication and high security. It is a private network that can be designed flexibly according to the application. increase. In addition, the introduction of local 5G is currently limited due to the fact that there are few terminals that can be used with local 5G, the introduction cost is high, and the introduction requires specialized wireless knowledge. It is

Against this background, NTT Business Solutions has started offering local 5G services*1 that are subscription-based and have low installation costs from June 30, 2022. We will start providing an open demonstration environment that allows customers who are considering introducing 5G and system/application development vendors to easily conduct operational demonstrations of local 5G system introduction and operation verification of various applications. As a first case in utilizing this demonstration environment, we will start a joint demonstration for the purpose of verifying the operation in a local 5G private network environment for the high-performance multimedia wireless communication system developed by Samsung Electronics.

Demonstration outline
Connect Samsung Electronics' high-performance multimedia communication system (Mission Critical Push-to-X, hereinafter, MCPTX) to the local 5G open demonstration environment built by NTT Business Solutions at NTT West's open innovation facility "QUINTBRIDGE". We will verify the operation and performance of media communication functions between various terminals in a local 5G private network environment, and demonstrate it as a commercial system.

MCPTX is a multimedia wireless communication system that communicates voice, video and image data in one-to-one or one-to-many calls. With MCPTX, priority and quality can be flexibly set for each call, and highly urgent communication information can be quickly and reliably delivered to one or more destinations. Based on these features, MCPTX is a mobile carrier network-based communication system that connects call centers with on-site staff engaged in police, firefighting, emergency medical care, etc. It is utilized.

These features of MCPTX are also extremely useful for collaboration between staff engaged in operations at ports, airports, large-scale factories and plants, etc., where local 5G private networks are expected to be used. For example, in the current situation at ports and harbors, each staff who manages the container yard needs to have multiple terminals for business communication, which makes the work extremely complicated and requires simultaneous operation of each terminal. Dangerous work by workers has become a problem. Specifically, we use walkie-talkies to make calls between staff members, and we use tablets and smartphones to send and receive work data. By utilizing local 5G and MCPTX, it is possible to consolidate terminals into one and realize an effective wide-area private communication environment in which highly urgent communications can be carried out quickly and reliably through appropriate priority control.

Based on this perspective, this time, we will conduct operation verification of Samsung Electronics' MCPTX in a local 5G open demonstration environment, and realize an advanced solution that supports advanced communication in a wide area using a local 5G private network. 

Role of each company
NTT Business Solutions        
●Provide local 5G demonstration environment
●Total coordination to meet customer needs

Samsung Electronics
●Provide multimedia wireless communication system
●Update applications to meet needs

NTT West
●Provide “QUINTBRIDGE” environment

Future Efforts
After the joint demonstration of MCPTX in the local 5G environment, NTT West Group and Samsung Electronics will work toward actual introduction to harbors, large-scale factories and plants, etc., which are envisioned as use cases for this system. I'm going to go forward.

In addition, this local 5G open demonstration environment will be made available to QUINTBRIDGE co-creation partners (corporate members), and together with various partners, we will promote the realization of local 5G service use cases and business development.

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