Streamwide Reports Significant Revenue from Airbus SLC Partnership
Author : Radio China    Time : 2024-02-08    Source :

Streamwide, the expert in critical communications and business-critical software solutions, in their 2023 financial relase, announced revenue of €19.5m for 2023, up €1.9m (+11%).

The company reports that revenue in 2023 continued to rise, driven by ongoing growth over several consecutive years, of the 'team on mission' and 'team on the run' critical communications "platforms" business.

the 'team on mission' critical communications and 'team on the run' critical activities platforms, whose annual revenue (€14.3m) are up 16%, now account for 73% (+3 points compared with 2022) of the Group's total revenue.

This growth (+1.9 M€) is mainly due to the continued deployment of the PCSTORM project (multi-year maintenance contract, large-scale operational deployment during the Rugby World Cup 2023 and development and delivery of version 4.0 of team on mission at the end of 2023), but also to new private contracts (transport and energy) and projects with municipal authorities.

Revenue from the partnership with Airbus Secure Land Communications continue to be significant, notably following the contractual renegotiation at the end of 2023 covering the next 3 years.

By nature, revenue from the "platforms" business of €14.3m in 2023 are made up of:

  • Licence revenue (€6.9m), down €1.2m

  • Service revenue (€5.7m), up €2m

  • Maintenance revenue (€1.7m) up €1.1m

The change in licence revenue is due to a significant base effect in 2022, with major orders booked for the PCSTORM and Société du Grand Paris projects, only partially offset by orders in 2023 for licences resulting from the partnership with Airbus.

The increase in revenue from maintenance and services is also mainly due to the PCSTORM project and a new multi-year contract signed in May 2022. While revenue from services are non-recurring, those from maintenance are, and will continue to grow over the coming months as the various platforms we support are rolled out.

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