TCCA begins search for new CEO
Author : Radio China    Time : 2020-12-10

The catalyst for global open standards critical communications development, TCCA has celebrated its 25th year with an increasing membership, new and ongoing involvement in many key projects across the sector, and the hugely successful global virtual event Critical Communications Week. TCCA’s work is overseen by current Chief Executive Tony Gray who is looking to retire in 2021. The search is now on for a successor who can continue to drive the Association forward.

TCCA acts in the interests of its members, to strengthen and enhance the critical communications ecosystem. Ongoing initiatives including supporting the ETSI MCX Plugtests; managing the world-leading TETRA Interoperability Certification Process (IOP); mission critical device certification work with the Global Certification Forum; working with ETSI to maintain and enhance the TETRA standard, and as the 3GPP Market Representation Partner for critical communications, bringing a consensus view of market requirements for standardised critical communications. We also provide technical and marketing support to the NIST-funded MCS-TaaSting project.

“The new CEO needs an in-depth knowledge of critical communications in order to properly represent the interests of all our members from around the world, to collaborate with our partners, oversee our programmes and maintain and enhance our public profile,” said Mladen Vratonjić, Chair of TCCA’s Board.

“We have achieved a great deal under Tony’s leadership, and we look forward to the new CEO building on this and further strengthening the Association and the sector, to the benefit of all our members."

Applications close in January 2021. Further information and how to apply can be found here.

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