The Call for Content is Now Open for CCW 2024
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The theme for CCW 2024 is “Securing society and industry - Connection is the lifeline”, enabling and protecting with resilient and failsafe critical communications. This is the opportunity for you to have your input and join world-renowned expert speakers and acclaimed critical communication leaders to discuss the most pressing topics, share the challenges and solutions you are all facing and discover new & evolving critical communications technology from across the globe to transform your organisation.

"We are particularly looking for practical, real-life examples of current technologies, initiatives, and ways of working and innovative evolving solutions. We would like to strongly encourage end users to submit presentation proposals to join the discussions on Public Safety, Utilities, Transportation, Healthcare etc. with the whole critical communications ecosystem on the following topics." a spoke person addressed.

Below is a list of proposed topics, but you are free to submit your own suggestions, and provide some context as to why you believe this is a must share topic and should be front and centre at CCW 2024. Please complete the submission form to submit your proposal.

Submission deadline: Monday 23rd October. If you have any queries, please contact Dr Jane Watson, Conference Producer

The programme will focus on the following topics:
Update of Critical Communications Today and the Pathway to the Future
  • Enabling the secure society and industry for a thriving economy with resilient and failsafe critical communications, adding value in terms of prosperity and stable security

  • Operating in the information age – opportunities and challenges for professionals

  • Cooperation between nations, government authorities and sectors

  • Standards and regulation update

  • Spectrum challenges

  • Critical communications in the Middle East, Africa and Asia

MCX - The Evolution to Next Generation Mission Critical Services

  • Conforming to one single standard to drive the market to transition to MCX

  • Delivering mission critical hybrid solutions – a method of transition or a long term solution?

TETRA: What will TETRA look like across the next decade?
  • Discussing security

  • Use cases case studies

Managing the Migration to Critical Broadband together as an industry
  • Delivering resilient, robust secure and reliable networks

  • Addressing ownership and cross border issues

  • Real life case studies of migrating to critical broadband, sharing roadmaps and what will the world look like when we are there?

  • The growing need for MC Roaming – both national and international

Delivering Satellite-based Critical Communications Solutions
  • New capabilities and solutions

  • Integrating services, resource mapping and GEO databases

  • Network resilient location based services, PNT

Digital Transformation of Tactical Communications and the User Perspective
  • Delivering application and user innovation, operational efficiency, productivity and safety

  • Addressing the human factor, the UX design and experience of the user

  • When technology evolves what does it mean for training?

Status of Next Gen 4G/5G & Sharing Commercial 4G/5G Operator view points
  • How to deliver trusted mission critical mobile and with secure, robust and resilient networks

  • 5G use cases, learning lessons from network slicing, Open RAN

  • 6G

Discussing IoT for Critical Communications – Use Cases and Applications
  • Video as a sensor

  • Smart cities and safer cities

  • Connected vehicles

  • Remote medical assistance

  • Industry 4.0

  • What does the metaverse mean for critical communications?

How to ensure the Security of Critical Communications?
  • Discussing Cybersecurity challenges and solutions

  • Where might the weak points be in the networks and how to ensure networks are fully secure?

  • How to deliver secure solutions to customers

How to can AI be used effectively in Critical Communications?
  • Practical how-to presentations addressing AI, VR/AR, etc.

  • How can AI improve efficiencies and experience, the benefits and risks?

  • Quantum computing

Sharing Critical Communications and Vertical Case Studies- Public Safety, Utilities, Transportation, Healthcare etc.
  • Experiences in network buildout, user onboarding and engagement, challenges, learnings, and application from across the globe

  • Situational awareness in action – enabling quick and safe responses to disasters by informing human decision-making

  • Future of air-to-ground services – latest developments

  • Secure communications for safe travel

Innovating Command and Control Centres Communication
  • Next generation call and messaging handling

How to reduce the Environmental Impact of Critical Communications
  • What are the key challenges and potential innovative solutions?

  • Delivering against the circular economy and sustainability goals

  • Importance of critical communications in safe and economical exploitation of natural raw materials

  • If your proposal does not fit into these suggested content areas, please suggest a topic of your choice, and provide some context as to why you believe this is a must share topic and should be front and centre at CCW 2024.

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