World's Largest Private Wireless Network for Utility in Operation
Author : 管理员    Time : 2019-09-25    Source :

On July 9th, Nanjing Power Supply Company of State Grid of China put the world's first 1.8G Hz private wireless network for utility into operation in Nanjing. This network includes 460 base stations, managing to have full coverage of the company's power distribution in metropolitan area of Nanjing. The company says it is world's largest commercial wireless network dedicated to utility.

"Compared to the public network, the private network frequency is dedicated, network-specific, and terminal-specific to achieve end-to-end autonomous control," said Zhu Hong, director of IOT office of Nanjing Power Supply, " The private wireless network also subdivides various types of power services. The terminal equipment are specially customized, and the transmission process is encrypted to further enhance the network security."

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