BF-TR925D backpack repeater runs in both UHF and VHF, both DMR and analog modes. It is a compact base station, single frequency repeater and Ad Hoc networking solution in one. A temporary network can be set up flexibly with RF, cellular or IP links in order to achieve remote site dispatching.

Versatile Connectivity

Dual Band Interoperability

Instant Communications

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BF-TD925D works with BF-TR900 digital repeater and BF-TR925 portable repeater, or networks independently, to realize hierarchical networking and command and extend communication distance. Different frequencies of various departments manage to transmit in the same network, which makes an all-in-one communication network to realize wider cooperation. Organizations are better equipped to efficiently organize and share their resources during response operations.

Key Features:

Dual Band Interoperability

The device is valuable, since it performs across multiple digital and analog networks and operates in both VHF and UHF for instant interoperability. Now you can efficiently manage mission critical voice and data in any environment and significantly improve your team's safety and response time.

Versatile Connectivity for Chanllenging Situations

-4G wireless communication link

-Satellite communication link

-Narrowband communication link

-IP connectivity for multi-sites connection

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