BF-SCP810 is a smart radio that integrates public network PoC and private network digital radio in one. Integrated with voice, data, image, video, satellite positioning, one-key emergency alarm and other massive data information management functions, providing users with the possibility of multi-service dispatch, helping staff to collaboratively perform various missions, improving the communication efficiency of critical mission.

Advanced Encryption

Superior Audio Quality

Multi-mode Positioning

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Key Features:

Broadband and narrowband network integration that can be changed on demand
BF-SCP810 is a smart radio that integrates private network, public network and smart phone function. In private network mode, can realize individual call, group call, broadcast call, SMS, roaming and other functions without operator's base station in short distance, with clear and loud voice, safe and reliable, guaranteeing private network emergency communication in the central core. In public network mode, supporting various PoC platform radio service applications, breaking the space barrier, unlimited distance radio, effectively supplementing and extending the narrowband coverage.

In addition, BF-SCP810 public and private network integration smart radio open the third-party APP platform is compatible with the development of smart data services and smoothly running the exclusive traffic application in various industries. On the basis of interconnection and interoperability of public and private networks, it gives full play to the complementary advantages of broadband and narrowband network, realizing multiple communication modes to work together, helping users to control the overall situation at critical moments and meet the communication needs of multiple scenarios.

4G all-networking and trunking communication
BF-SCP810 public and private network integration smart terminal supports 4G all-network dual SIM card dual standby, which makes public network PoC application more reliable and guarantees smooth and stable network signal in the process of cross-zone and cross-network, and can easily realize public network trunking communication without distance limitation, so that trunking radio service can be used wherever there is public network signal. When the public network and private network completely fail, BF-SCP810 can still make point-to-point full-duplex calls based on SIM card, providing users with the last means of communication, which is both a radio and a smartphone.

Private network communication and emergency guarantee

In the communication blind zone and does not have a public network to make up for the blind or can not establish a communication link of the complex communication environment site, BF-SCP810 can be switched to narrowband private network radio mode for private network communication establishing link and network coverage. Narrowband private network radio has the advantages of high frequency utilization, long communication distance, good signal penetration ability, strong anti-interference ability, good confidentiality, excellent audio performance, etc. It can build voice and short message channels for the site without base station. In addition, in the emergency command communication scenario, the terminal cooperates with other private network communication equipment and self-assembled network to establish communication coverage and realize the unified command and dispatch of the command center anytime and anywhere. BF-SCP810 can be used for call waiting priority control, database information, supplementary data services, local access management, voice priority interruption of higher priority command transmission services.

Smart dispatch and efficient management
BF-SCP810 public and private network integration smart radio takes into account the needs of industry users for various information services processing while ensuring key voice reliability. BF-SCP810 can also be connected to BelFone smart IP interconnection system (SDC), which can realize voice dispatch, data dispatch, emergency alarm, GIS dispatch, patrol card punching, recording management, NFC access control, smart identification and other services under the SDC system platform. NFC access control, smart identity recognition and other functions. It realizes the integration and upgrades from voice communication to multimedia service, thus assisting users to get effective improvement from command, dispatch and smart management level.
Note: NFC function is optional

Human-computer interaction and visual transmission 
BF-SCP810 public and private network integration smart radio with seamless network switching and the perfect integration of a variety of communication standard, the ultimate human-computer interaction design concept, so that can hear in time, see clearly in real time. The product is equipped with high-definition dual cameras, 5-megapixel front and 8-megapixel rear autofocus cameras, with industrial-grade 2.8-inch high-definition touch screen with impact-resistant reinforced glass, multi-touch support, glove operation support, visibility in bright light and other features. As a graphical transmission terminal or video terminal to capture the key information tools on site, real-time transmission of the scene to the command center, to facilitate real-time monitoring of the background management in emergency situations, rapid and efficient decision-making and command, thus bringing users a good experience.

Double PTT  and simplified design
BF-SCP810 fully considers the operation habits of users in public and private network hybrid scenarios, and is designed with two distinctive PTT (Push To Talk) blue-framed side keys, which allows users to customize the priority of public network or private network. It supports double channels and single channel waiting. It allows users to launch the radio with one key without having to enter the system to switch applications, making communication simple and ensuring efficient communication between the two sides at critical moments.

Multi-mode positioning and coverage all zone
BF-SCP810 supports multiple positioning methods, including GPS/BeiDou/GLONASS satellite positioning, base station assisted positioning, wireless WiFi assisted positioning, etc. It is easy for the command center to quickly grasp the front-line personnel information, supplemented by track playback applications, select the area and other data, providing refined command and efficient dispatch management for complex operating environments, meeting the needs for geographic information positioning in forest fire prevention, emergency response, etc. It meets the needs of geographic information positioning in forest fire prevention and rescue.
Note: Satellite positioning factory default GPS

One key alarm for safety and reliability
The BF-SCP810 is equipped with an orange special SOS emergency alarm key on top, allowing users to quickly press the alarm key to send SOS for help. Once encountering special or emergency situations, the user can quickly and accurately send help information to the command center, and the command center personnel can also launch a group call at the same time with one key to quickly arrange for nearby rescue personnel to ensure the safety and reliability of staff operations.

Lightweight, portable, robust and reliable
While integrating multi-mode communication and multi-service applications, the industrial design and practicality of the product are fully considered, with elaborate ergonomic structure research, from the rugged material used for the fuselage, with a frosted texture, anti-drop and wear-resistant appearance structure, to the severe reliability requirements such as IP67 underwater 1.5m waterproof, military standard high and low temperature impact test and 1.2m drop without damage, fully reflecting BF-SCP810's ability to cope with the harsh daily environment.

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