BF-TD950, a full duplex DMR trunking portable radio with IP68 protection, delivers outstanding performance even in harsh environments. The slim and robust body comes with 2”HD color screen, enabling the user to read with ease in various lighting condition. It is a professional radio to enrich your trunking communications experience.

Advanced Encryption

Superior Audio Quality

Enhanced Communication Efficiency

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BF-TD950 DMR Radio is designed to perform in all mission critical senarios. The radio is full duplex capable, which makes communications even more intuitive and efficient at critical moments when emergency happens. It works in different modes, including DMR Tier III trunking, MPT1327, DMR and analog conventional. Its IP68 ruggedness makes it weatherproof even in torrential rains.

Key Features:

Enhanced Communication Efficiency

Incorporating ground-breaking full-duplex technology to allow simultaneous two-way voice calls, it facilitates crucial information exchange and makes sure the voice call gets through even in peak traffic.
DMR Trunking Mode enables access to a pool of radio channels, which are dynamically allocated to users when required.

Superior Audio Quality

It incorporates advanced audio processing technology to effectively suppress background noise and enhance audio quality to deliver a loud and clear audio.

Superior Quality in Harsh Environment

The IP68 level ruggedness ensures the quality voice calls in toughest conditions like dropping on the concrete, temperature shocks, blowing dust, wind driven rain, etc.
Ergonomic Design: 2.0”high definition IPS display, readable in all lighting conditions.

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