POCSTARS PoC Platform integrates voice communication, multimedia messaging, video communication, and real-time positioning as a visual dispatching system, which effectively improves the rapid response and scientific decision-making ability of related departments to realizes the daily business and emergencies disposal. Making decisions timely and accurately, meanwhile disposals to minimize various risks.

Superior Voice Call

Location Tracking

Video Streaming

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POCSTARS provides 24/7 hours hot backup deployment to help customers with server disaster recovery. According to different customer and project requirement, POCSTARS provide suitable PoC server solutions. We offer the flexibility for customers to either choose POCSTARS global cloud server solution or standalone servers available.

Key Features:

Voice Call

POCSTARS APP voice call is similar to a professional two-way radio, which offers different type of calls for various scenarios to realize voice call dispatching, such as Group Call, Channel Switching, Temporary Group Call, Temporary Private Call, Group Monitoring, Interrupt Call, Temporary Disable/Enable, Priority Call, etc. 

Location Tracking

The POCSTARS APP can report GPS real-time position to the dispatcher to enable dispatcher to understand user's position and trajectory, while send and share the real-time position to other members. 

Multimedia Message

POCSTARS APP can send text, voice, pictures, short videos, location and other multimedia messages to enable interactivity, integration and synchronization of group and personal communications.

Video Streaming

POCSTARS APP, enables the visual dispatch communication solution by transmitting video streaming to the dispatch console and video streaming call.

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