eChat system supports a lot of PoC functions. Being simple, reliable, cost-effective and flexible for deployment, it meets local or cloud deployment requirements in the application scenarios. Mini-eChat has been widely used in command and dispatch of industries such as transportation, logistics, factories, property companies, etc..

Easy deployment

Flexible migration

Convenient O&M

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Caltta eChat utilizes carriers’ 3G/4G/5G/Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide wide coverage and unlimited channels, which enables enterprises to set up their own nationwide push-to-talk systems. At the very beginning, eChat is designed as an open platform, which runs not only Caltta devices, but also certified third-party devices, such as #Inrico’s PoC radios, and ensures interoperability among devices of different vendors. The openness means freedom of choice for the users, as well as flexibility of product offering for those who setup their businesses with eChat platform as PoC operators.

Key Features:

Multiple services

Voice,location, message, recording,video, geofence, etc.

Easy deployment

Operation in one or two servers, support remote configuration

Flexible migration

With the possiblity to migrate to distributed eChat to support more users.

Convenient O&M

GUI-based operation and maintenance, simple to operate and labor-saving.

Network interoperabiilty

Gateway interfaces for interconnection with multiple DMR system.

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