Inrico iConvNet™ platform enables dispatcher view in multi-windows. It supports desktop PTT mic, portable dispatch station, mobile dispatch pad, simplified phone dispatch, satisfying various scenarios

Callers' ID Display

Support Voice and Data

Convergence of PMR System

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Inrico iConvNet™ Convergent Communication Platform is an integrated communication and dispatching system includes the Management Platform, Dispatch Console, Server, APP and terminals. With audio and video communications as the core services, it integrates map positioning, multimedia data, emergency alarm, patrol & inspection, event reporting, task management and other auxiliary services. Moreover, it provides unified management of PoC radios and PMR radios of different brands and is dedicating to be compatible with open third-party API to meet for complex, changeable and challenging communication.

Key Features:

  • Convergence of PMR system(DMR, TETRA, PDT) and PoC system. 

  • Callers' information like ID/Name during working. 

  • Support voice and data service(GPS, Message, Stan and Kill, Patrol etc.)

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