Kirisun M50 PoC Mobile Radio is highly versatile in areas like transportation, taxis, express trucks and traffic police cars, etc., where users can quickly collaborate and share information across teams.

Build-in Wi-Fi

Software upgrade via OTA

Advanced signaling service

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Key Features:

Wide coverage with carrier network

Extend your push to talk service to anywhere with carrier 2G/3G network coverage


LED Display

Bring your convenient operation


Build-in Wi-Fi

Connection with Wi-Fi network to provide reliable communication with no data cost


Build-in Bluetooth

Easy to access Bluetooth speaker to improve the efficiency


GPS positioning

The build-in GPS supports outdoor positioning and dispatching.


Software upgrade via OTA

Easy upgrade the new feature via web management platform


Advanced signaling service

Support radio kill, radio stun, radio revive and radio monitor


Easy installation and maintenance

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