Hytera PDC680

PDC680 dual-mode rugged radio combines a mission-critical DMR radio with an Android-based smart phone in a single device. It harnesses the power of narrowband and broadband technologies to provide mission-critical voice call, photo and video taking, positioning, etc. This innovative radio enables seamless communications between the DMR network and public networks such as 2G, 3G, LTE, and WLAN.

Live Streaming

Purpose-built App

Smart Management

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Designed to perform in all weathers, PDC680 is a Mission Critical dual-mode rugged radio using the enlarged front chamber technology and professional acoustic design, the radio can output sound up to 128 dB. The PDC680 adopts AI-based noise cancellation, echo cancellation, and wind noise reduction technologies. The PDC680 combines a DMR radio and a smartphone into a single device with a highly integrated and modular design. So you do not need to carry two separate handsets for accessing voice, data, video, and more.

Key Features:

Precise Positioning
The PDC680 provides fast and accurate positioning to track people or devices, indoor and outdoor. The GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, QZSS, BDS, and A-GPS are used for outdoor positioning, while the location-based service (LBS) and WLAN are adopted for indoor positioning.


Automatic Switch

The PDC680 can automatically switch between the DMR network and the LTE network. Registering with both networks using the same ID, the PDC680 can always select the optimal one to deliver smooth and reliable voice communications everywhere, indoors or out.

Live Streaming
Thanks to the dual HD cameras, the PDC680 allows you to capture on-site pictures and videos and then send them to another radio or command center in real-time to improve situational awareness dramatically. The PDC680 also supports the external camera.

Purpose-built App

With the Android system, the PDC680 can support system-level apps developed by Hytera and other third-party apps. This helps you communicate and respond efficiently.

Smart Management

You can remotely manage radios in batches, including upgrade, programming, permission control, key configuration, app management, device health management, and data backup and recovery.

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