G20 is a tri-mode radio provides PTT (Push-to-talk over Cellular) service based on global coverage over cellular network, in the same time, it is an dubal band (UHF + VHF) DMR radio for business critical operations.

Android 10 OS

Dual display for easy operation

PoC + DMR UV Tri-mode

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G20 tri-mode rugged radio design allowing it to be used in any business critical scenarios. The other exclusive designs allow it to stand out in the critical communications field.


  • PoC + DMR UV band in one

  • Non-slip Shape Design

  • 3000mAh Large Battery

  • Wireless connnections: WiFi/GPS/NFC/OTG/BT

  • Noise Cancellation

  • 0.9" Top Flippable Screen


Key Features:

Advanced Solution: Incorporating Android 10 with UV DMR dual band technology, G20 offers the pinnacle of solution integration. This combination ensures reliable and stable business critical communication, making it ideal for various industries such as business, transportation, logistics and security.

Streamlined Functionality: Our device prioritizes practicality by avoiding unnecessary features, resulting in a highly cost-effective product tailored for multi-scenario usage. It's designed to excel in real-world applications, ensuring maximum utility across different environments.

Versatile Connectivity: Equipped with a range of interfaces including the K-Type Earpiece/Microphone interface and Type-C data interface, our device seamlessly integrates with commonly used accessories and cables available in the market. Additionally, optional accessories such as the M10 dedicated hand microphone enhance functionality by facilitating screen/button transfer and enabling video capabilities. The option for Drop Charge and multi-Drop charging further enhances convenience.

Global-PTT Integration: Enjoy free lifelong PTT communications through the GLOBAL-PTT platform. With servers deployed across all continents, our device ensures ultra-low latency communication without any missed words. Our secured server mechanism guarantees information security,  additionally, our agent protection mechanism safeguards against unauthorized programming or modification of machine identity codes, ensuring that control remains with authorized agents. By restricting online sales, we prioritize agent profitability, providing ample profit margins for rapid growth.

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