Expanding Coverage and Capacity through Land Mobile Radio Network Interoperability
Author : AT&T    Time : 2019-09-25    Source : www.att.com

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems have long been the de-facto communication networks for Push-to-Talk (PTT) voice services across industries such as public safety, transportation, construction, field services and utilities. For nearly a century, LMR systems have provided a simple and efficient solution for private, two-way radio communications that enables field-based industries to collaborate with speed and confidence.

But, the introduction of IP standards has revolutionized LMR, shifting it from proprietary single vendor networks to open interface, multi-vendor environments. IP-based interoperability has shattered the wall between the LMR and PTT over Cellular (PoC) platforms, providing direct communication across both networks and making dispatch and resource coordination easier and more efficient. Bolstered by this revolution of mobile cellular communications technology, LMR system operators are looking for more from their communication systems. In a recent VDC Research survey of more than 130 industry organizations, 93 percent of respondents indicated that the demand for broadband technology is driving a re-evaluation of their legacy LMR system. Many organizations are considering augmenting their private LMR network with a PoC solution that integrates with today’s mobile technology. Notably:

Half of survey participants cited a need to augment their LMR system due to an increase in the number of users relying on PTT LMR radio communications. 

Nearly 40 percent noted an increase in demand for broadband data applications that can integrate with organization communications, including fleet management, GPS and real-time location services, mobile GIS, among others (see Figure 2 for a complete list of leading broadband data applications).

More than one-third cited the high costs of maintaining legacy LMR/PMR equipment and infrastructure.

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