You Asked, Tait Delivered
Our Public Safety customers were crying out for a lightweight, multiband portable radio, with all the audio and usability features you expect from a Tait Tough product. Tait has a reputation for building tough, fit for purpose critical communications solutions. This is the story of how the Tait TP9800 Multiband Portables came to be.
9-1-1 Telecommunications: It’s More Than Just Taking a Stressful Call
FirstNet gives in-depth explanation of how 9-1-1 works more than just a stressful call.
Mission Critical Communications: Carefully Plotting a Path for the Future
Directions for future mission critical communications is clear with the deep insights from Peter Clemons
Can Security Guards Wear Body Cameras?
Motorola Solutions answers the necessity of equipping security guards with body worn cameras.
Tait | What Keeps London Moving?
Tait Communications has a longstanding relationship with Transport for London, the organization behind the iconic red double-decker buses. Since Tait partnered with one of the busiest bus networks in the world, many global cities have adopted Tait solutions to keep their passenger networks running smoothly.
Simoco Launches DMR Coverage Extender to solve the issue of black spots and signal loss in harsh environments and fringe areas
Using an enabled SDM600 mobile radio, DCE can provide greater range for up to 12 authorised SDP600 portable radios. Additionally, utilising DCE does not require any additional duplex infrastructure frequency pairs as it interfaces to the radio system in exactly the same way a traditional radio operates.
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