Teltronic Reinforces Relationship with University Students
Author : Radio China    Time : 2022-12-01    Source :

Teltronic, received the visit of a group of students from the Escuela de Ingeniería y Arquitectura - Universidad de Zaragoza with whom the company has maintained a close relationship for many years.

The students, final year students of the degree and master of telecommunications, have toured the different areas of the company to learn about the activity of Teltronic. The aim of Teltronicsis to bring these student closer to the field of critical communications, presenting the technologies in this field and to show them Teltronics' full potential in R+D. 

Teltronic is fortunate to be able to receive so much talent and be so close to the future of telecommunications.

Teltronic is one of the few companies that has not found any difficulties in finding new motivated engineers, due to the fact that they maintain a close relationship with the Univeristy of Zaragoza that is located just a few kilometres away from the Teltronic facility.

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