ZRF Saar Awards Frequentis for Integration of ASGARD Emergency Call and Radio Query System
Author : Radio China    Time : 2022-11-30    Source : www.radiochina.info

Frequentis Deutschland GmbH was awarded the contract for the project by the Saar Association for Rescue Services and Fire Brigade Alert (ZRF Saar) in the course of an EU-wide tender for the delivery and integration of the communication systems at the main site in Winterberg and at the redundant sites in Merzig and Bexbach, Germany.

The Saarland region has almost 1 million inhabitants and an area of around 2,570 km2. The ILS Saarland is the only non-police control center in Saarland. The tasks are essentially answering emergency calls, alerting the emergency services, coordinating rescue operations and scheduling patient transport.

Against the background of long-term economic efficiency in use and operation and the necessary further developments of system technology, the following objectives of the procurement measure arose:

  • Very high availability of the communication technology

  • Comprehensive system networking of the new communication technology for flexible staffing of available jobs and use of resources at the locations

  • Extensibility of the system with a view to further future services and changed vicinity

  • Efficiency through the integration of the new communication technology into the existing one modern IT infrastructure of the ZRF

  • Preferred use of standard applications and open source, i.e. more fundamental Waiver of control center-specific special developments

In order to meet these requirements, the ASGARD communication system will now be used. ASGARD integrates all means of communication of a control center in one application and thus enables uniform, fast and above all safe operation optimized for the needs of modern security centers.

The proven Frequentis software solution – the ASGARD communication system is already in approx. 50 control centers in use in Germany - ensures professional communication management for these tasks thanks to high flexibility and reliability as well as the diverse integration options in infrastructures.

Rainer Buchmann, Head of Department at ILS Saarland: “We look forward to working with Frequentis. A powerful company was found in Frequentis, which supplies us with a modern IT and communication system "from a single source" and based on modern IP technology. With the system, non-police hazard prevention in the Saarland will be optimally prepared for future requirements and upcoming large-scale emergencies.”

Reinhard Grimm, Managing Director of Frequentis Germany, emphasizes: "With ASGARD we can provide BOS control centers with an optimal product for their diverse tasks. We are proud of this flagship project ILS Saarland and the confidence of ZRF Saar in Frequentis.”

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