Smooth Migration Between DMR and LTE
With the rapid development of wireless communications technologies, legacy analog systems are becoming more and more difficult to meet customer needs, and many countries have introduced time window for migration from analog to digital. DMR is the best technology developed by ETSI to replace analog systems. DMR trunking technology not only has the advantages of DMR's wide coverage and low cost, but also integrates the characteristics of large capacity and high confidentiality, becoming one of the main choices for LMR technologies in various countries and regions. Caltta's DMR trunking system is based on the new SDR architecture, supporting smooth evolution to future broadband, making your private network communications more secure, reliable and efficient.
Worker Safety in High-Risk Environments
Effective and reliable communications can make the difference between life and death. Nowhere is this more evident than in 'safety critical' environments, such as those found in the oil, gas, petrochemical, mining, manufacturing and construction industries. These companies are often located in harsh locations, requiring robust and reliable communications solutions.
Why PoC Solutions Make Sense for Critical Communications
With the rapid pace of development of wireless networks and the massive proliferation of smart mobile devices, broader opportunities for PTT over cellular (PoC) solutions are emerging.
Expanding Coverage and Capacity through Land Mobile Radio Network Interoperability
The introduction of IP standards has revolutionized LMR, shifting it from proprietary single vendor networks to open interface, multi-vendor environments.
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